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About Us

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About Us

Rhodium Analytics provides high quality, cost-effective research and analytical support for investment banks, private equity firms, equity research firms, valuation firms, asset managers, wealth managers and corporate finance managers around the globe. Our offshore team of highly qualified and experienced people comprises investment bankers, business valuation experts and business analysts who have worked extensively on M&A, fundraising transactions, business valuation and financial modeling. Our team consists of MBAs, CFAs and Chartered Accountants with years of diverse experience across sectors.

We Believe

Our cost effective solution allows clients to dedicate their resources toward decision-making and value-add initiatives, while significantly reducing operating costs.

We Strive

To meet the need for high-quality research and analytical support of our clients.

We Understand

The needs of our clients. We provide our clients the bandwidth to focus on uncovering new opportunities, spending additional time with clients and closing deals.

Rhodium Analytics

Key Benefits of Engaging

About Us

Cost efficiency and reduction

Professional costs can be reduced significantly as our resources cost 50-70% lower than onshore client staff. Efficiency can be increased by outsourcing simpler and repetitive tasks

More time for value added tasks

In-house teams get to spend more time on more important strategic functions (e.g. portfolio strategy, due diligence, finalizing deals) as Rhodium Analytics performs periodic and standardized research and updating functions


Services offered at Rhodium Analytics are customized as per client specifications


Rhodium Analytics offers a dedicated team focussed on research and other regular tasks, driving consistency across various outputs


Data security is governed by stringent policies applicable to employees across all levels


Final output goes through multiple layers of quality checks to ensure the best possible product